Sound Equipment 101

You’ve got chosen the occasion area, employed a DJ (or a band) and then you definitely discover out you will additionally need to hire sound gear.

“Is that like, umm, audio system and stuff?”

Except you had been a DJ or a sound techie in a previous lifetime, likelihood is audio-visual lingo is as overseas to you as Aramaic.

Do not panic.

Be taught the fundamentals of Sound equipment supplier and you may quickly be in your technique to an ideal celebration.

There are 4 fundamental elements of a fundamental sound system: audio mixer, amplifier, speaker, and microphone (extra information beneath). As well as, you would possibly want different gear together with turntables, an iPod console and extra relying on the occasion.

Audio Mixers (Sound Boards)

Audio mixers – a “mixer” – is an digital system that permits a number of audio gear to be related to the sound system. It is a crucial merchandise comprised of a number of inputs every with a quantity management used to regulate audio ranges.

The variety of enter required in your mixer will rely upon the variety of gadgets (microphones, turntables, an iPod, and so on.) that can be related to the sound system.

Mixers geared towards DJ’s embrace further options embrace a cross fader used for transitions between related audio gear.

Mixers are extremely beneficial when utilizing a microphone as a way to have higher management of the amount, feedbacks and high quality of the sound.


An amplifier – “amps” – is a tool that will increase the amplitude of a sign (the voltage or present) despatched to the audio system. In laymen’s phrases, amplifiers are completely crucial to provide sound.

Amplifiers might be separate or inbuilt to a speaker. See beneath for the professionals and cons of “Powered (Lively) versus Unpowered (Passive)” audio system.

Audio system

There are two sorts of audio system usually used at most occasions: unpowered (Passive) and powered (Lively) audio system.

Powered audio system (lively audio system) have a inbuilt amplifier.


– Will be related on to a mixer. – Avoids the need of speaker to amplifier matching

Disadvantages – Electrical supply required for every speaker – Elevated variety of cables required for connection to every speaker – Usually much less highly effective and fewer sturdy then unpowered audio system.

Unpowered audio system (passive audio system) requires a separate amplifier.

Benefits – Decreased variety of cables required for connection to every speaker – Usually extra highly effective and extra sturdy then powered audio system

Disadvantages – A separate amplifier is required to be used with speaker

For a extra strong sound (discovered generally in nightclubs and dance events), Sub-bass audio system must also be thought of. It is a speaker devoted to low-frequency sounds and provides a definite presents of low finish sounds.


There are three fundamental sorts of microphones: conventional, wi-fi and lavaliers.

Conventional microphones have a wire that may differ in size that connect with your mixer.


– You do not have to fret about dropping connectivity throughout a speech/presentation. Disadvantages:

– The wires and restricted mobility.

Wi-fi Microphones are much like a standard microphone however with a wire. Microphone however it has a chord.nal microphones have a wire that may differ in size that connect with your mixer Benefits: – Elevated mobility Disadvantages – Danger of poor reception or sudden interference – Batteries required

A lavalier microphone is a small piece that clips on to your clothes

Benefits: – Elevated mobility – Arms Free operation

Disadvantages – Excessive danger of suggestions – Decrease degree of sound

Different Tools: – CD Participant – Turntables – iPod Console – Equalizer – Compressor – Limiter – Gate – Crossover – Processor

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